In 2023, kitchen design trends have shifted heavily to embrace the beauty of nature. This shift includes an increased use of natural materials like wood and stone as well as nature-inspired colourschemes including calming and refreshing hues of blue and green. These colours not only bring a sense of tranquility and harmony to the kitchen space but also create a modern and stylish aesthetic that is both timeless and versatile.

Kitchen designers are incorporating these natural touches across all surfaces, from wall and floor tiles to worktops and kitchen doors. However you choose to add blue and green to your kitchen design, you’re guaranteed to create an eye-catching and modern aesthetic.

The Influence of Nature on Kitchen Design

Zur Supermatt Sage Green

During the Covid 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, many people chose to make the most of their outdoor spaces. Post-pandemic, this new-found appreciation for outdoor spaces made its way indoors, influencing all areas of home design for the years that followed.

With sustainability and natural materials playing an increasing role in home design, it’s not surprising that blue and green have become popular this year. The use of blue and green evokes a sense of calmness and relaxation, making the kitchen a welcoming space for cooking, dining, and entertaining.

If you’re designing a relaxing kitchen space with a focus on nature, you may want to consider paler hues for your kitchen doors such as Val Matt FjordZur Supermatt Sage Green, or Zur Ultragloss Metallic Blue. These colours compliment natural materials like pale wood, marble, and stone for example for a serene and bright space.

Modern Aesthetics

For those who prefer a modern and minimalist aesthetic, there are numerous ways to incorporate blue and green into your kitchen design. One option is to use darker blue and green cabinets as a focal point.

Pairing them with neutral countertops and backsplashes will create a clean and contemporary look. Oakgrain shaker doors in azure blue and Stratto skinny shaker doors in indigo blue are two examples of darker blue doors that pair well with white marble and pale wood accents, while our Cambridge green painted wood doors create a striking woodland vibe that pairs well with golden tones.

If you prefer this years dark and dramatic use of dark tones across all surfaces, Zur supermatt in serica kombu green and Luc handleless doors in matt fir green really make an impression when paired with black marble, anthracite tiles, black metal, and dark wood. Complete the look with on-trend statement lighting!

Another option is to use blue or green as an accent color through accessories such as bar stools, pendant lights, or even a backsplash.

To create a cohesive and balanced look, consider using different shades of blue and green throughout the kitchen. For example, you can use a darker shade of blue for the cabinets and a lighter shade of green for the walls. This will add depth and dimension to the space while maintaining a modern and harmonious feel.

Using Natural Materials

Zur Supermatt Croma Blue

As mentioned earlier, the trend towards nature-inspired kitchen design has also led to a greater use of natural materials. Incorporating blue and green into your kitchen design provides the perfect opportunity to embrace this trend. From wooden cabinets to marble countertops and ceramic tiles, using natural materials adds warmth, texture, and authenticity to the space.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, natural materials are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. By choosing materials that are responsibly sourced and produced, you can create a kitchen design that not only looks beautiful but also aligns with your values.

If you’re looking to include the aesthetic of natural materials without the higher price tag, Zur supermatt in croma blue is a cost-effective way to incorporate a costal vibe with its visible grain that has more than a passing resemblance to more expensive driftwood furniture.

Zur supermatt in cascade blue is another option, offering the aesthetic of white marble with blue veins. Not only are they significantly cheaper than genuine marble, they are a lot lighter in weight providing a safe and secure option.

Incorporating Blue and Green into Different Kitchen Elements

The beauty of blue and green is that they can be incorporated into various kitchen elements to create a cohesive and harmonious design. When it comes to cabinets, these two colours can be used for the entire set or as an accent color for select cabinets or drawers. This adds visual interest and allows you to personalise your kitchen to your taste.

Countertops and backsplashes also provide an opportunity to introduce colour into the design. Consider using materials like marble or quartz in shades of blue or green for a luxurious and elegant look. These natural materials not only enhance the visual appeal of the kitchen but also add a touch of sophistication and durability.

Colour Schemes

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme for your blue and green kitchen design, there are several popular options to consider. One popular choice is a monochromatic colourscheme, where different shades of blue or green are used throughout the space. This creates a harmonious and cohesive look that is both calming and visually pleasing.

Another option is to pair blue or green with a contrasting color to create a vibrant and dynamic design. For example, pairing blue with white or green with gold can create a striking and contemporary look. The key is to find a balance between the colors to ensure a cohesive and balanced design.

Embracing the colours of nature is a wonderful way to bring a sense of tranquility and modernity into your home. Whether you prefer a sleek and contemporary look or a cozy and traditional feel, these colors can be incorporated seamlessly to create a refreshing and stylish kitchen space.

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