With Christmas next month, it’s time to get festive around the home! For many, this is an opportunity to get out the Christmas decorations and get to work turning their home into a winter wonderland for all to enjoy. However, don’t be like most and forget to give your kitchen the holiday makeover it so deserves, get it ready for the season of joy with these five festive tips:

Set the table with all the trimmings

The dining table is going to be the heart of every meal, so why not decorate it to impress? Adorn the chairs with elegant ribbons and holly, light a beautiful candle arrangement and finish with a gorgeous row of Frasier fir to really set a wonderful, warm winter mood.

Festive focal points

Don’t let dirty old dishrags spoil the beautiful scene you’ve built. Get fresh festive dish towels and order a new set of mugs in greens and golds to complement the kitchen while you and your loved ones sit together for a meal and hot cocoa by the stovetop.

Scent the halls with seasonal delights

Don’t neglect the scent of a home kitchen during the festive season. Bake some fresh gingerbread and lay it out alongside some pinecones, cinnamon and dried fruit to not only look, but also smells the part.

Kitchen makeover

Another fantastic way to get your kitchen ready for the festive season is with a low-cost kitchen makeover! We offer a range of traditional and wood grain kitchen cupboard doors that are great for creating a rustic style kitchen vibe.

The Portland range is available in paintable vinyl so you could even paint them a traditional, festive colour that will also look gorgeous all year round, such as a warm holly red, or a rich, dark oak to highlight the splashes of Christmas colour you’ve added to the room.

Mini but mighty

Whilst the living room is often home to the spectacle that is the Christmas tree, don’t let this stop you from having a second one in the kitchen! Opt for something smaller and make it a faux tree for ease of assemble and less cleaning.