Kitchen Makeover tipsAt Hot Doors we understand that sticking to a budget is one of the main limitations for most kitchen improvement projects. If you’re taking it further than just replacement kitchen cupboard doors, our top tips will help you get great results without breaking the bank.

1) A fitted kitchen needs to be done to a high standard by an excellent fitter. Take the time to research and follow up references to ensure you get the most professional results for your money.

2) Mixing up cupboards and drawers in the same place or having units at different heights can look messy. Keep everything simple, neat and symmetrical when you design your look.

3) Extractor fans can be overpriced, even though they’re mostly produced the same way in the same factories. Don’t let it eat into your budget and don’t let it ruin your finished look – you can even hide it inside a wall cabinet (with the bottom removed!).

4) When it comes to appliances, looks don’t really matter when you can neatly conceal everything behind the same cabinet fronts. Always go for A+++ energy efficiency ratings over big names.

5) The same idea can apply all over your kitchen, providing you’re not just hiding shoddy workmanship. Mounting a simple sink into your counter will probably look a lot better than an expensive sink shoehorned into your kitchen.

6) Setting the plinth below your floor units as far back as possible can add to a modern design, creating the illusion that your units are floating.

Twister Cupboard Door Handle7) Why spend large chunks of your budget on things that won’t be visible? Choosing cheaper basic units will allow you to spend a little extra on the finishing touches like custom handles and fronts.

8) Your worktop needs to be attractive, durable and cost efficient. Cover all these bases using something like honed granite – you can even have the edges thicker than the rest of the slab to keep it cheap and lightweight while looking thicker and expensive.

9) Don’t get carried away with details like taps: they need to endure a lot of use so be sensible and don’t just go for aesthetics.

10) It’s easy to forget how expensive things like matching handles can be. Avoid these pitfalls with handleless kitchen cabinets and drawers, which also keep everything looking smooth and ultra-modern.