Bedroom Sliding Doors

Made to measure

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*Photo example measures 2000mm h x 2200mm w - Prices will vary depending on measurement and door/frame combinations.

Over 150 colour options on panels & over 10 frame options.

Steps to getting your quote! Don't worry, we'll assist you all the way.

1 Measure

Measure the overall opening height & width (guidance shown on diagram beside) using millimeters as your unit measurement.

2 Choose your style(s) & colour(s)

We will be in contact to show you all 150+ colours available for your sliding doors showing photo examples to help inspire your choices.

3 Choose your carcasses

You will have the selection of including internal carcasses with a large number of different uses including hanging rails, drawers, shelves & more.

4 Choose your frame

Finally, you can choose the finishing touch to your sliding doors by selecting from a large number of frames providing different effects.

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